4 Core UnMetered



Public Cloud Servers Provide Flexibility, Reliability, Dynamic Upgrade Options, Backup Scheduling, Snapshot options, Customer initiated Operating reinstallation, Performance and Security.

Public Cloud servers are created on DELL PowerEdge C1100 dedicated servers and are ideal for critical applications like Public Cloud Servers..

With DELL Server hardware, Unlimited Premium BGP enabled Internet Bandwidth, Premium N+1 Redundant power supplies and 24/7 unbeatable Technical support, you can have your applications running on the servers with peace of mind.

Operating Systems: CentOs, ProxMox, VMWare, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, Windows, or any other Operating systems you choose. Customer can reinstall Operating system at any time by themselves.

Applications: DataBase Servers, Web Servers, E-Mail Servers, Data Storage and Backup Servers, Game Servers, E-Commerce Servers, Test Servers etc.

We provide customers with a fully detailed customer screen where they can manage their Public Cloud Servers themselves to reinstall Operating systems of their choice, To access Console Screen, to Schedule Backups, to Take Snapshots, to Reboot/stop/Start Server etc.

100% Dedicated Dell C1100 Server with BGP Enabled Redundant Internet

99.9% Uptime Guarenteed with N+1 Redundent Power

Remote Control Panel with Power On/Off & Power Cycle

World-Class Digital Realty Datacenter Facility

24/7 E-Mail and Chat Support


Number of Cores 4 Cores 4 Cores 4 Cores
Processor Type Intel L5639
Intel L5639 Intel L5639
Processor Upgrade Up to 24 core Up to 24 core Up to 24 core
Memory 4 GB 8 GB 12 GB
Memory Upgrade Up to 48 GB Up to 48 GB Up to 48 GB
Hard Drive 100 GB 100 GB 100 GB
Hard Drive Upgrade Up to 8 GB Up to 8 GB Up to 8 GB
Operating System 32/64 Windows/Linux 32/64 Windows/Linux 32/64 Windows/Linux
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Delivery Time 2 Hours 2 Hours 2 Hours
Monthly Rent $10.00 $16.00 $22.00
Rent for First Month $10.00 $16.00 $10.00
Rent for Second Month Onwards
$10.00 $16.00 $22.00
Promotional Code (to use at checkout) NONE
Setup Fee
Contract Period Month to Month Month to Month Month to Month
Support 24/7 Support 24/7 Support 24/7 Support